What is Cone Beam Technology?

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a special type of x-ray equipment that creates a 3D image of the bones, teeth, sinuses and nerve pathways in a single, fast scan. From the scan, we can see computer-generated views of your jawbones from any angle. This allows us to quickly diagnose patients and develop a more complete treatment plan for impacted teeth, dental implants, pathology and corrective jaw surgery in one visit. Thanks to the detailed studies, we can precisely perform your surgery in less time, with more predictable outcomes and with decreased surgical risks and complications. We can also share the digital images with your referring dentists and other dental specialists to take a team approach to your care.

Benefits of Cone Beam CT Imaging

  • Low dose of radiation
  • Fast, efficient scan
  • Crystal clear, incredibly detailed 3D image of your teeth and jaws
  • Virtually unlimited views to see your case from every angle
  • Immediate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment planning in a single visit
  • Ability to show you how your surgery will be approached and how you’ll look after the procedure
  • Detects and orients cysts, tumors or other oral pathology
  • Increases precision and accuracy during surgery
  • Easy to share images and diagnostic information with referring dentists and specialists to collaborate on your care
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With the award-winning 3Shape TRIOS® digital scanner, we are able to improve your comfort, decrease appointment times and increase accuracy. The digital scanner takes a digital impression of your teeth and gums while avoiding traditional impression material and trays, which can be uncomfortable, messy and inaccurate. With the digital shade guide, we can more accurately measure your natural dentition to maximize the appearance of your implant crowns and restorations.


VSP Orthognathics represents a major leap forward in virtual planning of orthognathic surgical procedures. Years of research and technology have led to the creation of a protocol that allows for accurate planning and precise clinical transfer via 3D printed splints.

Features and Benefits:

  • Accurately simulate orthognathic procedures in a virtual environment using CT/CBCT.
  • Software planning assistance from a team of experts at Medical Modeling.
  • Replace traditional model surgery with virtual planning and 3D printed splints.

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